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Summer Term

Our topic this term is colours. We have been looking at the story, 'The Mixed up Chameleon'. The children mixed paint using pipettes to see how the colours changed just like the Chameleon in the story. We have also made our own chameleons which we have been putting in different places around our classroom and outdoor area. The children used these ideas to create their own stories about the Chameleon.


We have been subtracting practically in our outdoor environment, using the mathematical language involved in this.


The children have been working together outside, playing cooperatively and taking turns. They have been using language to create fantastic story lines whilst taking into account what the other children say and think.

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Mother's Day Class Assembly Song

Reception have all been practising very hard and we are all looking forward to showing you our special assembly. Here is the song we will be singing so that the children can practise at home.

Outdoor Learning

Our creative chef's kept the kitchen open in all weathers!

Custard pies, chocolate cakes and wok pancakes were some of the things on our tasty menu!

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Role Play Shop

The children decided it would be a good idea to have our own shop in our role play area. The children discussed what we would need to make our shop and helped by making labels for our shelves.

We have been adding two items together and counting out the correct number of pennies to pay for them. The children have enjoyed dressing up as the customers and shop keepers.

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Pancake Day

We put our baking skills to the test by making our very own pancakes and they were, YUMMY!

We also had pancake races, flipping the pancakes with our friends.

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The last week in gymnastics was lots of fun! The children got to use the skills they had learnt over the 5 weeks by using all of the fantastic equipment. The children were very excited to talk about what they had done: -

"I went to the top it was so high" - Lily.

"I swung from some ladders it was fun and high" - Alfie.

"I did a tuck shape on the ropes" - Kyle


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E-Safety Day


The children thought about people in our lives that keep us safe when we use the internet. We enjoyed listening to Smartie's story about keeping safe online and we learnt a song to remind us to ask an adult for help when we are unsure about something we are clicking on.

We enjoyed making smiley face pictures to show that it is important to stay 'smiley' online.

E-Safety Day

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Spring Term

Notes for parents

  • If your child wants to buy a healthy snack during morning break send money in a named purse/wallet. Toast is 20p, Crumpet & fruit is 30p.
  • Please read daily with your child and sign their reading record. We will continue the reward stickers in the front cover of their record.
  • Library is still on Mondays so please return their book each Monday.
  • PE lessons take place every Monday so please have their PE kit in school.
  • Homework remains the same-given out on Friday and collected the following Wednesday.

Welcome back

The new term has begun with the start of our new topic about Food.

We have discussed our Christmas celebrations and shared Special News Books brought in by the children. This week we have shared the book 'Pass the jam Jim' and had great fun making our own jam sandwiches. Look at the photos of our sandwiches and wonderful writing.


Snow Day

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Sandwich making

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Wonderful writing

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21st November - 15th November

This week we have been learning all about 'Special People'. In our RE lesson we looked at the types of people who help us and how they can help us, such as doctors and nurses. We then thought about special people in our family and how Jesus was a special person in the Bible.


We have built a construction site in our role play corner and have enjoyed helping to build walls and buildings.


We have also been continuing to learn how write our letters correctly.

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Remembrance Day

The children have been learning all about Remembrance Day and the reason we wear poppies. They have been practising their cutting skills by cutting out poppies and creating 'Flanders Field'. They have been using the army in the small world. We have been finding all things red, black and green to make a poppy in the fine motor area. All the children have created their own poppy to take home. It has also been lots of fun dressing up as soldiers in role-play.

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Enterprise Week

This week has been lots of fun. The children have all been involved in making games for everyone to play at the enterprise fair. The best part was getting to play the games and practise paying for them with money. All the money we raised will be donated to the chosen charity.


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Weeks Three to Six.

We have been finding out about bodies and how to keep them healthy. We looked at similarities and gathered information to find out what is the most and least popular eye and hair colour in our class. We played number games with a tiger that came for tea, counting out and sharing food with the tigers friends. We discussed and looked at healthy and unhealthy food and how to keep our teeth clean and strong. The children have enjoyed learning how to read and write new letters and sounds through various phonics activities.



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Week 2

This week we have had lots of firsts. We have all been together as a class for the first time, we have had our first 'funky finger' morning, we have visited the tuck shop for the first time and some of us have had dinner at school for the first time. We have all settled into school life very well and are enjoying being at school.

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Week 1

Our first week in school has been lots of fun! Everyone has settled in well, made lots of new friends and enjoyed exploring our new classroom and school.

We took Rory the Bear on a tour of our school. Rory found some of his cuddly friends along the way and we got to meet different teachers, staff and even got to see the other children busy learning in their classrooms.

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Take a look at some pictures of our first week in school. Learning is really fun!

New Beginnings

It was lovely to meet all of the new children and their families in the Summer Term. We hope you all enjoyed it too! Here are some reminders of when you came to visit us.

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We are looking forward to seeing you in your school uniforms in September.

Our first topic will be called 'All About Me'.

Here is our topic overview.