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Elf in the Classroom


Before Welly Wednesday last week the children enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and eating Christmas gingerbread biscuits whilst watching 'An Elf's Story'. The film is all about Christmas and how Santa's elves visit children all around the world to spread Christmas cheer.


After watching the film the children worked together to write a letter to Father Christmas asking him to send one of his elves to spend some time with us.


The very next afternoon a special delivery arrived in the Year 1 classroom...
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First we read a letter from Santa explaining what he had sent us. Then we carefully opened the parcel and inside was an elf...

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The children need to look after the elf carefully as he flies back to the North Pole to see Santa each night. We had a vote and decided to name our elf 'Snowflake'.


In his letter Santa explained that elves should not be touched or moved otherwise they lose their magic and won't be able to fly back to the North Pole. Unfortunately, Snowflake had an accident so Santa sent us some 'Emergency Elf Dust' to make him better.

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Elizabeth, Passion and Paige sprinkled the 'Emergency Elf Dust' over Snowflake and when we arrived back from lunch he had flown to the top of the Christmas Tree. We were all very pleased that he was feeling better!

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On Monday morning we had another special delivery in Year 1. Snowflake, our elf, had arrived with a reindeer called Tinseltoes all the way from the North Pole. Santa has sent a special reindeer for us to look after until Christmas. If we are kind to him and give him lots of cuddles then on Christmas Eve he will grow into a fully-grown reindeer and help drive Santa's sleigh! We are very excited to look after him over the next few days.

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