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Enterprise Week and money for charity


Where should we send the money we make in Enterprise Week?

Each class nominated a charity and our school councillors told us about them in worship.

Then, the whole school voted.

When the votes were counted, it was a huge win for The Dogs' Trust. They will recieve a cheque soon.

Picture 1

On Thursday 8th December, Angela came from The Dogs' Trust to collect the money we raised during Enterprise Week. All the children voted to decide which charity to send the money to and The Dogs' Trust was the winner by a huge majority.

Angela told us about the work of The Dogs' Trust and how our money will be used. She also told us how they can care for dog owners just as much as for the dogs. This reminded us of our Christian value of compassion for this half term.

She brought Danny with her who was her dog. He was adopted from The Dogs' Trust.