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This term we are learning all about the local area. To start our topic we had a circle time to discuss what we already know about Bamber Bridge. The children came up with some wonderful ideas which we recorded and will explore further throughout the topic.


Our walk around Bamber Bridge

On Tuesday 10th October we went for a walk to explore Bamber Bridge to gather some research ready for Special Interest Week. We saw lots of exciting places, people, buildings and vehicles. The children had a super time and were thrilled that we managed to see two trains passing by! Take a look at our photographs below and check our website in a few weeks to see all of the work that we do for the school newspaper.

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In Geography we will be learning all about 'Hot and Cold Areas of the World' to link with our Science and History topics. First the children used maps and atlases to identify the continents and oceans of the world. 

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