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Helping Your Child at Home

Each child is given a homework book at the beginning of the year. This book needs to be kept in your child's book bag so that it is available in school if needed. Books need to be handed in each Monday and will be given back out on Wednesdays.


Reading Homework

The children are expected to read for 10 minutes at least five times per week at home. This includes reading aloud to an adult to increase and develop fluency. Sometimes the book will be from the school Reading Scheme, or it may be a Guided Reading text. In addition, they should be reading from their own choice of books from home. We love to hear about these! Please could parents sign Homework Diaries so that we know when or how often children are reading at home. The children also have a reading task chart in their homework books to support comprehension. Their own ideas are welcome! For examples of interesting reading tasks, please see the Children's Choice section of the website. 


Maths Homework

The children are expected to practise their maths skills (such as number bonds or multiplication tables) for 10 minutes daily at home. As of the Spring Term, the children have been developing a Maths Library with games to be played to support this. We had a class meeting at the end of term and tweaked our ideas so that we're ready to work fully in the Summer Term.


Spelling Homework

The children will be given targeted words or spelling patterns to practise or investigate. It is important to practise these regularly so that they are able to master them and use them accurately in their independent writing.


Project Homework

Occasional homework linked to current topics or special projects will be given occasionally. Information will be added to Homework Books about these projects. 


Recognition for completed homework

It is important that the children feel their hard work at home is rewarded. With this in mind, children may earn wages (coin stamps) for their homework, which can then be spent in the class shop. This not only rewards the children's efforts, but also gives them extra practice using money.