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Autumn 1


This half term in History we are learning all about Changes within Living Memory. The children began the topic by looking at their own lives and how they have grown up and changed from being born to being in Year 1.

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We then looked at toys and how they have changed from the past to the present. We sorted lots of different photographs to look at the differences between them. During circle time some of the children shared their findings from a homework task when they were asked to speak to a member of their family about toys they had when they were younger. The children then shared their own favourite toy and wrote about it.
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Autumn 2


This half term our History topic is 'The Gunpowder Plot'. We will be learning about why Bonfire Night is celebrated, who Guy Fawkes was and what happened to The Plotters. 


The children used chalks and pastels to create wonderful pictures of their own experiences of fireworks and Bonfire Night.  

We found out all about Guy Fawkes and some of the differences of how he lived compared to how we live today. The children also sequenced the events of the Gunpowder Plot.

Spring Term


This term we will be looking at 'A Study of A Famous Person' and to link with our Geography topic we will be learning all about Scott of the Antarctic. The children are very excited to learn all about this famous explorer.