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Marble jar treat

We had a tiddly winks contest as a reward for our hard work and good behaviour.

Ball skills with P.N.E.

We are enjoying our lessons with Chris from P.N.E.

"The lessons are really helping us to stay active and keep fit" - Emily.

"My catching has improved" - Christy.

"I can feel my stamina increasing" - Owen.

"I am learning to throw more accurately" - Jamie.

"Chris has helped me to develop my team working skills" - Jacob.

"Now I can sprint faster" - Stevo.

Our first lesson in Year 5

On Monday 17th July, we all moved up to meet our teachers for September. First, we talked about totem poles in preparation for our topic work on North America then later we listened to a myth from the tribes of the north west of North America. Mrs Watkins was very pleased with the beautiful colouring we did and careful cutting out as we made our own totem poles for the wall.

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