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Autumn Term


At the beginning of this half term the children have practised getting themselves changed for PE. 


The children have played lots of games in our PE lessons to learn a variety of new skills including carrying and stopping a ball, rolling and aiming. 

Ju Jitsu


This week two Ju Jitsu instructors visited school to offer taster sessions to each class. Year 1 learnt some simple moves used in the martial art:


"We had to use a kick to try and push the instructor over." - Kyle


"We had to use our hands to block our partner." - Faith


"At the end of the lesson we had to bow to our partner." - Jenson

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This half term the children are working with Tanya from South Ribble Sports Development to learn all about Gymnastics.


The children have learnt:

  • How to travel in different ways and directions
  • How to 'present' sequences of moves
  • How to carry gymnastic mats and how to perform different rolls



Over the last several weeks 10 children from Years 1 and 2 have worked with Sian from South Ribble at Cheerleading Club. They have learnt lots of different moves to put together a routine. During the last session of the club the children invited along their parents to watch their show. They did a super job and we are now looking forward to incorporating it into our Infant Nativity production! Thank you to everyone who came along to watch. 

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Spring Term 


Preston North End


This half term the children are working with Chris, a coach from Preston North End. He will be teaching the children the fundamental skills that they need to be able to play and participate in a variety of sports.


During our first lesson the children learnt lots of different ways to move a ball e.g. by throwing, catching, kicking and trapping. Our lesson took place outdoors and the children had lots of fun working with a partner.

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Dance 1
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Dance 11
This half term the children are learning 'Dance' with Danielle from South Ribble Sports Development. They will be learning how to perform a dance routine to "I just can't wait to be King" from the Lion King.