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Reading Workshops

Reading should take place for 5-10 minutes each night. I encourage you to pause and ask your child questions about their book in order for you to check their understanding of what has been read.


We have a scheme in Year 1 that allows the children to choose their own reading book. This encourages them to not only choose a book that interests them but to also read for pleasure and enjoyment. Once your child has had their Reading Record signed by an adult then they can change their book for a new one. Some children may need to read their book more than once in order to develop their comprehension skills. 


Every child in Year 1 participates in a daily Reading Workshop therefore it is important that they have both their book and Reading Record in their book  bag every day. We have 5 'Reading Champions' who lead each group through tricky word reading, individual reading and written response activities. On Fridays only it is 'Free Choice Friday' which means that the children can bring in any reading material of their choice. For example a non-fiction book, a comic or a poem. Please take time to choose this with your child. 


Reading Champions

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