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Exciting Examples of Year 3 Reading Tasks and Homework


Easter 1 Artwork using meaningful colour for Easter cards
Easter 2 Making minibooks of the Easter story
Easter 3 Making minibooks of the Easter story
Easter 4 Charlie's Lego Easter scene

SPECIAL INTEREST WEEK - Spring Term: The Wizard of Oz

Tornado in a Bottle

Still image for this video
During this project, we learned about how tornados are formed. We created a tornado in a bottle so that we could see more closely what a vortex looks like. Libby took this video clip.

Novel as a Theme - Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen

Girls' Maths Project

Girls' Maths Project 1
Girls' Maths Project 2
Girls' Maths Project 3
Girls' Maths Project 4
We are taking part in a project aiming to boost maths for girls. As part of this project, some of the girls in Year 3 are leading a homework project for the class. We are developing a games library, in which children will be able to choose a maths game to take home and play for the week as part of their homework. We are hoping this will be up and running during the Spring Term. Watch this space for more news!

Safer Internet Day 2017 - creating avatars

The Clocktower

This writing was inspired by a beautifully animated visual text. Follow the link to see this short film for yourself.

RE at Christmas


In RE, we thought about God's presence on Earth.

At the end of the unit, we created artwork about the Nativity and thought

about God's presence in our pictures. Ruby created this picture, showing the

Holy Family being held in God's hands.


Prehistoric Britain


Verb Poetry


We have been looking at how writers use verbs and choose them carefully to make their writing more interesting. Below are samples of some of the sentences we wrote for our own poems.


It was so quiet that I heard a dragon fly wing flowing.

It was so quiet that I heard a colourful rainbow shining in the sky.

It was so quiet that I heard aliens landing in space.

By Alexis


It was so quiet that I heard snowflakes dropping very slowly on the ground.

It was so quiet that I heard paper floating down.

By Johann


It was so quiet that I heard a singing angel.

It was so quiet that I heard a snake slithering to bed in the mist.

It was so quiet that I heard a moth hovering on water.

By Lewis


It was so colourful that I saw a transparent cloud.

It was so colourful that I saw a raindrop fall the to ground.

It was so colourful that I saw a dragonfly's wing change colour slowly.

By Beth

Our Mystery Visitor!

Our mystery visitor came into class on Tuesday 27th September 2016 during our nature project. Can you find out what this fascinating creature is?


Daniel was really interested in how it moved because he said it wrinkled up and stretched out again.

Oliver noticed that the legs were very fine and a little frilly looking!


Rose noticed the pattern on its back. We also noticed that its body had a translucent, shiny look.

Mystery Seed

We looked inside a mystery item and found this. We know it will grow into a tree, but what type of tree? This is a special seed that God has sent.  We have found out the answer - can you?

Clue:  Think about our hymn, Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow?