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Who runs our school?

Mrs Ranson helps to run our school

The school council interviewed Mrs Ranson and asked her some questions about what she does in school.

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Mrs Ranson told us that the biggest part of her job is making sure that everyone is safe, that we can all learn and be the very best that we can be.

She has to answer the phone and go to lots of meetings with different people. She organises the teachers and sorts out the money.

We talked about some of the other people who help to run our school so we have planned more interviews for the coming weeks.

Mat Dexter, the Finance Officer, helps to run our school

The school council interviewed Mat to find out about the money we spend. We get £840, 000 each year and that is spread out between the months. The money comes from the Government through Lancashire County Council. We spend £105, 000 to pay the wages of the forty people who work here. It costs £49, 000 each year for the food we eat. Out of the money that is left, we have to buy all the equipment and pay all the bills. We decided that we will need to interview Mrs Bange, the School Bursar, to find out more.

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