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Worship Group last year

Perseverance Worship

On 6th February, Worship Group presented their worship on perseverance. We had drama, Bible readings and prayers all written by the children. We sang a super song called 'Never give up'.

The Opening of the Methodist Art Exhibition

On Tuesday 21st November, Worship Group went to Hillside Methodist Church to take part in the opening of the Methodist Art Exhibition. Every class had sent a display about ‘Salt and Light’. We enjoyed looking around and exploring the art made by the other schools. We loved it, especially when we all sang ‘When I needed a neighbour’ with the other children. One of our favourite pieces was from Trinity Buckshaw and it showed two worlds – one good and one polluted. There was another good one that had dead flowers on it. Some of it made us feel upset because it showed us how the rich people had all the money and lots of people in the world are poor.

By Worship Group

Thankfulness Worship

On Wednesday 18th October, Worship Group took assembly for the whole school. Our theme was thankfulness. The children created a drama about someone who wasn't thankful for their birthday presents and had to learn a hard lesson. There were Bible readings and things to think about. We sang a fabulous song called 'Thankful' that was found by Manat. We sang, danced and played instruments.

We really enjoyed it and we think the rest of the school did too. It was lovely to see Andrew there and the next day he gave us a thank you card.