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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


This week's English lessons are all about inventions. There are some interesting facts included, for example, I didn't know that the invention of crisps was an accident! You will be asked to write a description of an invention and then to say why you think it is important. Organise your writing by answering the question. Next, prove your point by giving some information and, finally, explain your points by perhaps writing about what life would be like without the invention.

Later, you will be asked to write a biography or life story. Remember to stick to the important, basic facts.

At the end of the week, the lessons ask you to write your own advert using Horrible Histories 'Shouty Man' as a model.

The maths this week covers place value and co-ordinates. There are two PowerPoints to start each topic and give you some tips. We have done a lot of work on place value so that shouldn't cause any problems. However, we haven't really covered co-ordinates throroughly. Use the PowerPoint and you should be fine as they are not too difficult if you follow the rules, such as the x co-ordinate comes first, then the y co-ordinate.

There are different levels of sheet so print off the sheet that is right for you.

This week's R.E. project starts with boats but then covers so many different areas. It talks about living the way Jesus would want us to and about forgiveness. It also talks about The Salvation Army. There is also a lovely video from a man called Dave about his relationship with jesus and his own dad.
This week's Learning Project is all about the environment which is a subject I know some of you feel strongly about.
Here is the link to the daily P.E. activities.


Find out about Jane Goodall and her fascinating work with chimpanzees. Then complete the sheet below at the level that is right for you.



Read the information about the Amazon Rainforest in South America and Nottingham Forest (not the football team) in England. Next, complete the sheet to compare the two forests.



Look at the PowerPoint about the artist Carlos Paez Vilaro and his work. Use the internet to find images of his work. Then make a Candombe Drum following the instructions on the PowerPoint.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together