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There are some new resources this week that are more appropriate for just Year 5. Firstly, there are some lovely ideas for daily English activities. The theme is Ancient Greece which we would be doing in class about this time of year anyway. It gives you a chance to practise –ing sentence openers which we learned about when we were doing ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Also, remember the work we did on putting some action with speech such as, “The Minotaur has escaped again!” he shouted as he grabbed his sword and ran for the door.

Think about using a speech sandwich.

“The Minotaur has escaped again!” he shouted as he grabbed his sword and ran for the door. The sound of terrified screaming drifted in on the chilling wind and Hermia shuddered.

“I wish he would learn to close the door behind him,” she sighed and picked up her knitting.

Here is a link to some maths resources to use along with Mymaths and TTRockstars.
Here is a lovely R.E. activity thinking about the empty tomb of Jesus. There are things to think about and to do.
Here is a link to some super P.E. activities to keep you fit and healthy. There is a different challenge every day.
Here is the Learning Project sheet for this week. The topic is animals


Use the parts of a flower information cards and your own research to find out about how flowers work then complete the sheet. There are an easier and a harder version so you can choose which ever you feel more confident with. There are also the answers to mark your work when you have finished.


Use this activity to find out about the continent of South America.

ART - Beatriz Milhazes

Beatriz Milhazes is a collage artist and painter who uses very colourful materials to create pictures.

She is influenced by the tropical flowers and plants near her home in Brazil, and also the carnivals and culture of Brazil. She uses these inspiring places and experiences, turning them into bright, clashing colours or simple shapes.

Beatriz Milhazes uses shapes in different sizes and overlaps them to create images. She uses coloured papers, sweet wrappers, food packaging, plastic and paints to create her images.

She has created colourful windows, decorated London Underground stations and exhibited her work on canvases too.

Beatriz Milhazes grew up visiting museums and galleries as a young girl. She was very impressed with the work of Matisse, and is still influenced by Mondrian and Bridget Riley.

She repeats circles, squares, stripes, flowers and other simple shapes throughout her work.

Find pictures of her work on line then complete the activity below. Can you make your own Beatriz Mihazes picture?