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We continue to explore what life was like for people in Britain in World War Two. This week focuses on how propaganda was used in World War Two and the Blitz. Find out what propaganda is and then choose from a variety of writing opportunities.


This week our maths sheets cover subtracting decimals and multiplying and dividing decimals by 10 and 100. We have worked on both of these topics in class so watch the videos as a reminder then have a go at the worksheets.


This week our R.E. lesson begins with a picture of a lion. It talks about how God sometimes says He is like a particular animal. He does this to help us to understand better what He is like.

HISTORY - Ancient Greece

This week, to celebrate our Sports Day, we are learning about the beginning of the Olympics back in ancient Greece. Find out about the different events that took place then and now in the modern Olympics. There is a sheet for you to record your research. You could make an ancient Greek Olympics board game or you could down load the one below.


Here is the link to this week's P.E. Challenge.