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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together

Art & DT

Autumn Term



The children have studied the artist Gustav Klimt. They have looked at his use of symbols, shapes, patterns and colour. We have focused on his work on trees. The piece of artwork below is called 'The Tree of Life'. The branches twist, twirl, turn and spiral towards the sky. It shows the connection between heaven and earth.

The children have recreated Klimt's swirls and spirals in different ways. 

The children then drew their own trees in the style of Klimt by including swirly and curly branches that reach the sky. They then used watercolour paints to complete their artwork.

The children also used chalks and oil pastels to draw pictures of woodland toadstools.

During this term the children have also learnt about painting. They have identified the primary and secondary colours and practised colour mixing. They have also created some bonfire and firework paintings to link to our History topic on the Gunpowder Plot. 

Teddy Bear's Picnic

The children have been looking at different types of food this half term. They were given a challenge to create a biscuit for a teddy bear's picnic. The children worked in small groups to carefully follow a recipe to bake a biscuit. When decorating their biscuits everybody did a super job of carefully counting their chosen decorations. The children were very proud of their biscuits and they looked delicious! 

Spring Term



This half term the children are exploring puppets. They have practised their sewing skills and learnt different stitching techniques. We have investigated different types of puppets and thought about what we like and dislike about them. The children have designed their own puppet and thought carefully about which materials they would like to use. They have then sewn together two pieces of fabric to create their puppet.

Fruits and Vegetables

This half term we are learning all about eating healthily. We have identified all of the fruits and vegetables that we know and discussed why eating a variety of food is important for the body to stay healthy. We have also looked at how to prepare food by washing our hands and cleaning surfaces.


The children decided to make fruit kebabs and choose from a selection of fruits to include on their own. The children picked three fruits and designed their kebab. We then made our kebabs by following a recipe to link with our English unit on 'Instructions'.

Summer Term



The children have learnt about the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. They have drawn detailed pictures of different flowers and have then used different medias to colour them. 

3D art

In Outdoor Week the children learnt about 3D art with a focus on nature sculptures by looking at various artists, including Andy Goldsworthy. The children were asked to design and create a sculpture for our outdoor area. First they practised using different tools and techniques to mould clay. They then used clay and various natural materials to make sculptures of animals and other living things. 


This half term the children are studying the work on Sharon Cummings. We began by looking at patterns in the sand with the children using different materials to interpret this. We then look at Cummings' colourful abstract and mosaic art. The children drew their own seaside-themed picture before painting it in her style.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together