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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Testing Materials in Science - 24th September


We wanted to find out which of our materials were electrical conductors but we didn't have and wires or batteries. We used children as wires and a cosmic ball to turn the whole class into one big electrical circuit.

We found that sponge was an electircal insulator. One clever scientist in our class asked if we could soak the sponge in water and try again. We did and found that the water made it an electrical conductor.

See the different ways we sorted the materials according to their properties.

Viking Bread - 15th October


In history, we have been learning about the Vikings. We found out about the food they ate and where it came from. One clever historian in our class found a recipe for Viking bread, made some at home and then brought it in for us all to taste. It was surprisingly tasty and every one felt that with a little bit of butter and cheese it would make a lovely supper.

Viking Printing

In art, we looked closely at the designs and motifs used by the Vikings in their art work. We were surprised at how beautiful and delicate some of their jewellery was and how intricate were their carvings. We were inspired to create our own Viking design printing blocks and prints. We mixed the paint for the printing and most of us hada go at over-printing too. Here are the results.

Technology Treat - 18th October

For our marble jar treat, we were set a challenge. Everyone chose a sweet but you could only eat them if your team could create a structure that would hold all the treats for that team above the table top. We could only use newspaper and sticky tape. There was also a time limit of 15 minutes. Happily, everyone mangaged it so we all got to eat our sweets. You can see our structures below.

What values are important to Hindus? - 19th November

In RE, we have been finding out about Hinduism and what things are important to the people of that faith. We learned about the temple, the Mandir, and how their religion impacts on the everyday lives of Hindus. We found out about their holy books, the Vedas, and their gods. Through all of our studies it was clear that Hindus feel it is important to live a good life and that the family is central to many of their traditions and festivals. We made a display of our work.

Learning new IT skills through November

During the second half of the autumn term, Mr Lenge came every Wednesday to teach us how to create our own website. We used the knowledge we had about Vikings to put together websites. We included text, pictures and videos. Finally, we created a QR code so other people could view our work easily.

We had to work hard to learn a lot of new skills in a short space of time but we helped each other when we were stuck.

Science at Home - 9th November

A very clever scientist in our class had done some science at home and he brought his experiments into class to show us. He had made a vortex in different models and was able to explain what was happening as the water swirled around.

Why is the Bible important to Christians? - 25th November.

Matt from St Saviours Church came to help us to answer this question for our RE topic. We asked him a whole range of searching questions and he was very open and honest in his answers. We learned a lot about how he came to be a Christian and eventually a vicar. We talked about how and why Christians read the Bible and what Christains believe.

When Matt left, we all wrote our response to his visit on a Post-it. You can see some of them below.

A few days later, we had the opportunity to speak to Kevin, who is one of our school governors, and we asked him some of the same questions. We were surprised how some things he said were the same as Matt but some things were different. We were also very excited to hear that Kevin had had some experience of Bible smuggling!

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together