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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Autumn 1


During the first week of Year One the children worked in small groups to look at a 'Talking Tub'. There was lots of clues inside all linking to the body. The children talked about each of the objects and shared ideas about what they already know about the body and what they would like to learn during our Science lessons this half term.


They came up with some fantastic ideas so throughout our topic we will now be looking at how we can use our bodies (exercise), parts of our body that have important jobs (the senses), people who help us look after our body (doctors, dentists, etc.) and other things such as x-rays.

We started our topic by labelling the body. The children in the Rabbits and Hedgehog groups labelled each other!
We have also looked at how we can use our 'busy bodies' and what we can do with different body parts.
We have learnt all about the senses today in Science. The children started by identifying the 5 different senses of the body and what we use them for. We had a vote to see what the most popular eye colour in Year 1 is, used smell pots to identify different smells, used adjectives to describe the texture of different objects hidden in a bag, had a sound test to see if we could identify each other's voices when we weren't looking and during snack time the children tried pears and bananas and described what how they tasted.

Autumn 2

This half term our Science topic is 'Everyday Materials'. The children will be identifying and sorting different materials, looking at objects to explore which materials they are made from and describing their properties. 


We will be linking our learning to our English topic of 'Traditional Tales'. We will be looking at and testing materials that the Three Little Pigs could use to make a new house  that is safe so the big, bad wolf can't blow it down. 

The children tested lots of different materials to find out if they were waterproof or not. They worked together in small groups to carry out an experiment. They recorded their results in a table.

"Wellies are waterproof. I wear mine to splash in puddles." - Isabelle.


"The paper towel wasn't waterproof. It had a hole in." - Kyle.


"We used a pipette to squirt 3 drops of water on each object. It was a fair test." - Lily.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together