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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Autumn 1 - The Body


During our first week in Year 1 we talked about our Science topic for this half term. The children discussed lots of super ideas about the body and shared information that they already know and also what they would like to find out. 


We started by labelling the body. Lacie volunteered and laid very still on the carpet so the other children could label her body parts. Afterwards, the children wanted to find out how tall they were so we measured some people using unifix cubes. 

This week in Science the children have learnt all about the five senses. 
This half term the children have also started their learning about the seasons. They went exploring in the school grounds to spot signs of Autumn. We picked a tree on the field which we will visit throughout the year during each season to see how it changes. 

Autumn 2 - Everyday Materials


This half term our Science topic is all about materials. So far the children have identified and sorted different materials. They have also explored a wide variety of objects to identify the materials they are made from and to describe their properties. 

Today the children participated in an investigation to find out the most absorbent bedding for a puppy. They worked together in small groups to test different materials to find out which one soaked up the most water. 

"I think fabric will be the best because it is absorbent and it is nice and soft." - Ava


"I think cotton wool is the best." - Dylan

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together