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Easter artwork inspired by Paul Gaugin's Yellow Christ

Harvest and Sukkot


We have been finding out about the Christian festival of Harvest and also about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. During our topic, we learnt about Sukkah and what they represent, before creating our own.

During Sukkot, Jewish people remember when God freed them from slavery in Egypt. They wandered for forty years in the desert before reaching the Promised Land of Israel. Along their way, they built temporary homes out of dry palms and branches. During Sukkot, Jewish people remember how their ancestors relied on God to help them and 'live' for seven days in huts.


We had to follow rules to build our sukkah.

  • A sukkah must have at least three walls.
  • The roof must be made from something that grew from the ground.
  • It must be possible to see at least three stars in the night sky through the sukkah roof.


Mrs Watkins came to have a look at our handiwork and was very impressed. How do you think we did?

Making Sukkah