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Final week 13.07.20

Hello Everyone,


Wow,  it is your final week at Cuerden Church School! 


We are looking forward to the leavers' worship on Monday and the Leavers' Afternoon on Wednesday, where we will be playing games, taking part in a quiz and giving you all a lovely send off.    


As it is your last week, we have put together some easy art ideas, where you can be really creative., a dance routine to learn, a maths mystery to solve and an English unit all about villians! 


If we are not seeing you on Wednesday afternoon, have a lovely summer and we wish you all the best for high school.


We will miss you all.


The Year 6 Team


To make your own elements  of design, follow these instructions.  To help you, look at the picture above as it shows what each step looks like with the ice cream example.


 To begin,  choose  a simple silhouette that you can easily draw and create a stencil with card or paper..  Then create an accordion booklet.


Each panel can then showcase the student’s chosen silhouette along with the element of design. You can use any medium you desire, but pencil,  pen, coloured pencils, and watercolour are the most efficient materials that I recommend.


LINE: Using only lines, illustrate your silhouette. Show a variety of lines, diagonal, curly, wavy, zigzag, parallel, dashed, etc…


COLOUR: Create a colour scheme using your silhouette. 


VALUE: Turn your 2D silhouette into a 3D form by shading with either a pencil or  colour. Show light, medium and dark tones in your work.


TEXTURE:  Create texture in your panel. Texture is something you can see and feel so you have a variety of options to create texture, either by illustrating it or actually creating the texture using construction paper. You can get really creative!


SHAPE: Using only 2D shapes, recreate your silhouette. Can you create an interesting composition using only shapes? 


SPACE: Showcase Background, Middle Ground and Foreground in your panel. Overlap is the key technique here!


FORM: Using only 3D forms, illustrate your silhouette.

Lockdown Art


You could also  draw, paint, collage or make a model of what has been the best part of not being in school for the last few months. 


Or paint, draw, or collage  what have you missed most about not being in school or being unable to do what you would normally do.


We  are looking forward to see what you've enjoyed or missed over the last few months! 

Please send photos of your creations


Enjoy getting creative! 

Optical Illusions Art

Self portrait - inner and outer self

We have an amazing last English unit for you.  It is called Vindictive Villains.  Delve into the wicked world of villains – discovering all things dark and devious through a combination of film clips and reading.  We hope you enjoy your last English unit!