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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Autumn Term


This term we are learning all about the local area. To start our topic we had a circle time to discuss what we already know about Bamber Bridge. The children came up with some wonderful ideas which we recorded and will explore further throughout the topic.


Our walk around Bamber Bridge


On Tuesday 10th October we went for a walk to explore Bamber Bridge to gather some research ready for Special Interest Week. We saw lots of exciting places, people, buildings and vehicles. The children had a super time and were thrilled that we managed to see two trains passing by! Take a look at our photographs below and check our website in a few weeks to see all of the work that we do for the school newspaper.

During Special Interest Week we used the iPads to go on Google Street Maps. The children found their houses and key places that we saw on our walk. We used our work to make two pages for the school newspaper.

Spring Term


In Geography we will be learning all about 'Hot and Cold Areas of the World' to link with our Science and History topics. First the children used maps and atlases to identify the continents and oceans of the world. 

The children used a map of the world to identify different hot and cold places around the world. To link to our Science topic of 'Animals' the children also identified animal habitats. Where do they live? Do they live in a hot or cold place?


We then chose to study Kenya in Africa as a hot place in the world after learning about it when we read Handa's Surprise. The cold place that the children chose to look at was Antarctica to link to our learning about Robert Falcon Scott. The children used the computers and iPads to do lots of research about Kenya and made some fantastic information leaflets. 


During our workshop at Blackpool Zoo the zookeepers were very impressed with the children's knowledge of hot and cold places around the world and animals that live in these places. 

Summer Term


Our new Geography topic is 'The Four Countries in the United Kingdom'. So far the children have learnt the differences between towns and the countryside and have identified and located the four countries of the UK on simple maps. 


We will be using maps to find where we live in the UK and will learn what an aerial view is so that we can make our own maps. We will also link our learning to Paddington Bear and help him find out information about the 4 countries of the UK. The children will identify cities, famous landmarks, food and traditional dress. We will also think about how Paddington has travelled to these places and what he might need to pack in his suitcase. 

The children have learnt about all four of the countries of the United Kingdom. Take a look at their work below. 

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together