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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Autumn Term


We are learning all about our local area this half term and started our topic off with a circle time activity to find out what everybody knows about Bamber Bridge. The children shared lots of ideas so we recorded them and we will use them throughout our topic.


We are very excited to go on our walk around Bamber Bridge on the 20th September so don't forget to return permission slips! 

On Thursday 20th September we went on a walk to explore the local area as part of our Geography topic. We saw lots of interesting places, people, vehicles and buildings. The children behaved beautifully and were very excited to see a train pass by. Take a look at the photographs we took on our walk below.
After our walk the children wrote a short recount about the places and things that they saw. The children then used a variety of different maps to plot our route. 

The children have also identified the human and physical features of the local area. They have studied photographs of their homes and identified the materials that they are made from and where they are located in the local area.

Spring Term


In Geography this term we will be learning all about hot and cold places around the world. The children will use maps and atlases to identify the continents of the world. To link to our Science topic about animals the children will also find hot and cold habitats - where do animals live? Do they live in a hot and cold place?

Summer Term


Our new Geography topic for this term is 'The Four Countries of the United Kingdom'. The children have learnt the differences between a town and the countryside and have used simple maps to identify and locate the four countries of the UK. 


We received a letter from Paddington Bear asking for our help to tell him all about the different countries he could visit in the UK. The children each made a guidebook for him telling him about the flags, food and famous landmarks of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together