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Every Thursday, we will add new home learning ideas based around a topic. Click on the links below for each week's theme. 

Home learning ideas- week 3

Home learning ideas -week 2

Click below for the spellings:


The activities below are examples of work that could be completed when you have a spare 5-10 minutes. Regular practise of these key things will help keep your mental ability up. 



  • Practise your times tables (TTRockstars, oral questions, make up songs etc.)
  • Keep up with arithmatic skills (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication)
  • Regular practise of converting fractions, percentages and decimals



  • Read. Read. Read!
  • Keep a log of unfamiliar words that you have read in magazines, books, posters, news) and find out what they mean. 
  • Read aloud to a family member. Discuss the book together. 



  • Look through your spelling book for any spellings you need to practise.
  • Practise your spellings on Spelling Frame (See link on useful websites page)