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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together

Our work.

R.E. Obstacle Course

On Tuesday 3rd September, Year 5 tried to follow an obstacle course. First we did it blind-folded and alone which was very difficult and scary. Then we did it with a friend guiding and supporting us. This felt much better.

Back in class, we thought about how this is like Christians using the Bible as a guide through the 'obstacle course of life'.

Football with the Sports Development Team

During the first half of the autumn term, Dave came from Sports Development to improve our football skills.

Archie said,"Football with Dave has helped my ball skills and taught me how to do different turns."

Finley said,"I have learned how to do a outside hook."

Olivia said, "I now feel more confident to join in the group activities in football."

Designing science experiments

We designed our own experiments to test the stickiness of different tapes.

Journeys Week

28th to 31st October

In Year 5, we read Pilgrim’s Progress. It is a very old book about a man called Christian and his journey to The Celestial City. On the way he meets some friendly, helpful people but also some very nasty people. He goes through some lovely places but also through some horrible, scary places.


We talked about whether Christian was taking an outside journey or an inside journey – was it an actual, real journey or was it showing us how he was changing as a person. We decided that it was an inside journey and then we thought about how his journey is like our journey here at Cuerden Church School.


We meet challenges and problems along the way but there is always someone to help us. We have good times and celebrations to share with others. Just like Christian in the story, we know that Jesus is with us every step of our outside journey and our inside journey and that with his strength we can grow, learn and love God together.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together