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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Autumn Term


The children have been practising getting themselves changed for PE independently.


Games and Circuits

We have also been busy working with Year 3 in our 'fitness' lessons. The children have worked in small groups of mixed Year 1 and Year 3 to participate in different circuit activities including skipping, bench jumps, push ups, and shuttle runs to name a few! Each week the children will try to beat their score from the previous lesson.


This half term the children are working with Andy, a coach from the South Ribble Sports Development Team. Throughout the lessons the children will be participating in fun warm-up games including jogging, side stepping and skipping where they have to change direction. 


The children have learnt a range of skills during our lessons:

  • Throwing various pieces of equipment with one hand and catching it using two hands
  • Using an underarm throw to aim at a target
  • Kicking and controlling a ball around a space
  • Aiming and accuracy when kicking a ball

Kicking and controlling a ball

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Aiming with accuracy when kicking a ball

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The children are also working with Tanya from the South Ribble Sports Development Team this half term to learn all about gymnastics. The children have joined in with lots of exciting warm-up games where they have learnt about tuck and pike positions and how to stretch in different ways. 


The children have learnt how to:

  • Travel in different ways 
  • How to 'present' at the start and end of a sequence
  • How to balance using different body parts
  • How to balance on large pieces of equipment

KS1 event

At the end of October ten children from Years 1 and 2 attended a KS1 event at Worden Academy in Leyland. The children participated in a carousel of six different activities designed to get them physically active. Every child received a certificate for their participation. The children showed great listening skills, tried their best at each activity station and showed great teamwork skills. They are now very excited to continue playing games and being active back at school. 

Spring Term


This half term we have been building on the skills that we learnt with Tanya last term. We have revisited presenting and different ways of travelling. The children will create their own sequence that includes:

  • A roll 
  • A low travel
  • A high travel
  • A balance on equipment
  • A jump


We have also been working with Year 2 in Dance. The children have used various pieces of equipment including pom-poms, ribbons and streamers to practise different movements. We have also made up our own mini routines to music to show how aliens and astronauts might move.

Summer Term



The children have been working alongside Anthony from the South Ribble Sports Development Team to learn all about Tennis this half term. 


The children have learnt lots of a new skills, including:

  • Underarm and overarm throwing
  • How to control a tennis ball using their hands and a racket
  • How to move around a space whilst keeping control of a tennis ball
  • Learning the correct 'stance' whilst waiting to hit a tennis ball to a target


On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together