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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together

RE & Worship

Autumn Term


This half term our RE unit is called 'Harvest - how can we help those who do not have a good harvest?' 


We began the unit by discussing where our food comes from and the children shared some lovely ideas for our class scrapbook. The children looked at food labels, tried some unusual fruits and vegetables, including avocado and passion fruit and had a look at a map to find out where they grow. In our next lesson the children learnt about Harvest from around the world and developed their understanding of how and why Christians celebrate Harvest.

In this week's lesson the children wrote some wonderful Harvest prayers.

On Friday 9th November the whole school participated in a remembrance service. Each child planted their own handmade poppy on the prayer walk on the school field and shared their own private prayers and thoughts with God.

Christmas Gifts

This half term our RE topic is all about giving and receiving gifts at Christmas. The children have discussed how they feel to give and receive gifts at this special time of year. 


"I feel excited when I give someone a gift." - Lilly-May 


"I smile when someone gives me a present." - Ryan 

Operation Christmas Child

As part of their learning the children have looked at the charity Operation Christmas Child. The children decided to send two shoeboxes to children around the world who are less fortunate. Every child had the opportunity to wrap, decorate or add presents to the shoeboxes and were very excited to share God's love at Christmas. 


The children shared some really kind and thoughtful ideas during our circle time activities. They are very proud that they will be helping other children. 


"I think they are going to have a big smile when they see their present." - Sophia


"I am excited to send the boxes." - Ruby H 

Click the link below to practise some of the songs from our Nativity production 'It's a Party'. 

Secret Santa

As part of our Christmas topic we have done 'Secret Santa'. The children picked a name out of a hat and made a lovely wooden Christmas tree decoration for that person. They then wrapped their present in Christmas wrapping paper before giving it to their friend. Everybody was very excited to give their gifts and share God's love. You can see a photograph of your child's decoration on Tapestry. 

Nativity - It's A Party

Spring Term



This half term our RE unit is called 'Jesus was Special'. The children will read several Bible stories and link them to their own experiences. 


We began our new unit by discussing friendship. The children talked about their own friends and explained why they are so special.


"A good friend invites you for tea." - Max


"A friend is kind." - Amelia


Bible stories

The first Bible story the children listened to was 'The Calling of the Disciples'. They acted out the story using a fishing net and answered questions thoughtfully. The children then wrote about the story. 

The children have also learnt about the story 'The Feeding of the 5000'. We shared this story outside whilst having our afternoon snack. They answered lots of 'I wonder...' questions and retold the story in their own words in their RE books.


"I think the little boy would have been happy." - Sophia


"Jesus shared the food with everyone." - Ava

Celebrating new life

We will be celebrating new life in RE this half term. The children will be learning all about the Easter Story and how Christians believe that Jesus was raised to a new life.


To start our new unit we went on a Spring Walk in the school grounds to look for signs of new life. We found new buds and flowers growing. We also discussed how new baby animals are born in the Spring. When we got back into class we also talked about the difference between living and non-living. To link to our learning about animals we looked at the life cycle of a hen. 


The children will also learn about the Easter Story and retell it in lots of different ways. We are also very excited to participate in the upcoming Easter Service at Church.

Easter cards

Summer Term


The children will be learning about Baptism this half term and why it is a special occasion. We have started by learning about Baptism in Christianity and the special people and objects involved. 


On Wednesday 1st May the children visited Andrew in the Methodist Church to reenact a Baptism service. Prior to the visit the children thought of some interesting questions to ask Andrew to help us learn and understand more about Baptism.


Lacie and Theo acted as parents in our drama with Ryan, Amelia and Carson as the godparents. Everybody had lots of fun and we are excited to share our learning in our special assembly soon.

John the Baptist

The children have also learnt about John the Baptist and the Baptism of Jesus this half term. They have looked at some lovely paintings and discussed how they show the Baptism of Jesus. The children also shared their ideas of what they think John said to Jesus.


Our class worship

On Wednesday 22nd May Year 1 held their special class worship. Everybody had a special job to do during our worship with some children having lines to say and others having important acting roles. We got lots of compliments off the other classes and teachers to say what a fantastic job we had done talking all about Baptism. Well done, Year 1!


We have been learning about Creation. The children have listened to the Creation story and have thought carefully about all of the things that God created. 


"I like the day of rest." - Theo


"I like plants. They give us oxygen to breathe." - Michael


"I like the animals." - Ruby H 


"The moon gives us darkness and a bit of light." - Thomas


The children then made their favourite thing from Creation in different ways. We discussed how we could help protect these things. During circle time we then thought about questions to ask God about all of the wonderful things that He made. 

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together