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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together

RE & Worship

Autumn Term


We have been looking at Creation. The children have listened to the Creation story and thought carefully about all of the things that God created. They then used playdough and made their favourite thing from Creation.

For our classroom Prayer Board every child has designed a hand to show all of the wonderful things that God created.

Harvest Service


Please join us at St Saviour's Church on Friday 6th October at 9am for our Harvest Service. Some of the children in Year One will be performing a reading all about clean and dirty water.



Throughout our Harvest topic we have looked at where our food comes from and how Christians celebrate Harvest. Today the children have learnt about the Jewish festival of Harvest called Sukkot.


During Sukkot Jewish people build a shelter called a Sukkah. Together the children built a Sukkah in the classroom. Throughout the afternoon the children sat in the Sukkah, read Bible stories and ate their afternoon snack. 

Methodist Art Exhibition


Our theme for this year's exhibition is 'Hunger and Thirst'. Year One have chosen to make a woven basket made out of newspaper. Inside the basket will be different food parcels to represent different Bible stories such as The Feeding of the 5000 or The Last Supper.

Operation Christmas Child


As part of our 'Christmas Gifts' RE unit we have explored the charity 'Operation Christmas Child'. The children in Year One have asked for the whole school's help in making a collection of shoeboxes to send to less fortunate children around the world to share God's love. 


This week we had a special assembly led by two representatives from the charity who told the whole school about why collecting the shoeboxes is important and where they go around the world. 

The children have had lots of fun using Christmas paper to wrap the shoeboxes and have been busy choosing which items they would like to put inside each box. They have shared some really thoughtful and kind ideas and are very proud and excited that they have helped other children. Well done Year 1, great work!


The photographs above are just some of the shoeboxes that we filled. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated items!

As part of our RE topic we have done 'Secret Santa' in Year 1. The children picked a name out of a hat and made a lovely Christmas tree decoration for that person. The children then brought in some Christmas wrapping paper, bows and ribbon to wrap their present before giving it to their friend. They were very excited to give their gifts and share some of God's love at Christmas.

Spring Term


Our RE unit for this half term is 'Jesus was Special'. During this topic the children will be reading various Bible stories and linking them to their own experiences. We started by talking about friendship during circle time. The children talked about their own friends and why they are special. 


"My friends are kind to me." - Kane


"My friends play with me." - Faith


The children made paper dolls of themselves and one of their special friends.


The children have acted out the story of 'Jesus' Special Friends'. They thought carefully about why Jesus chose these men to be his special friends.


"They are his disciples." - Finley


The children retold the story in their own words by drawing lovely pictures and writing some sentences.

Worship Board

Celebrating new life 


We will be celebrating new life this half term in RE. The children will be learning all about the Easter Story and how Christians believe that Jesus was raised to a new life.


We went on a Spring Walk in the school grounds to look for signs of new life. The children found new buds and flowers growing. Some of the boys spotted a birds nest in one of the trees and talked about how baby birds will hatch out of the eggs. 


To link to our learning about animals we then looked at the life cycle of a hen with the children completing some fantastic homework projects on this!


The children then learnt about the Easter Story. They listened to it carefully and retold it in lots of different ways including small world, using pictures and writing about it in their own words. 

Summer Term 


This term the children will be learning all about why Baptism is special. We began the unit by learning what Baptism is and why it is a special occasion. The children learnt all about the special objects and people involved in Baptism. 


Next week the children will be visiting Andrew in the Methodist Church next to school. Prior to our visit we will be thinking of some interesting questions to ask him to help us understand and learn more about Baptism. Andrew will also help the children re-enact a Baptism service.

Our visit to the Methodist Church

We had a fantastic time visiting Andrew in the Methodist Church on Wednesday this week. He told us lots of important things about Baptism and helped us re-enact this special event. Some of the children played important roles such as parents (Isabelle and Arron) and godparents (Amy and Zachary). 


Andrew showed us lots of special objects including the font which is 121 years old, a certificate and a candle. The children asked him lots of questions which helped them understand more about Baptism. They are very excited to use this information in our class worship next half term.

John the Baptist


This week in RE the children have learnt all about the baptism of Jesus. They listened carefully and discussed the story of John the Baptist. We will use this learning in our Year 1 worship next half term.

Our Class Worship

Next half term will be Year One's special assembly which will be all about 'Baptism'. Please click the link below to listen to and learn the song that we will be singing. 

Year 1 would like to say a big thank you to all of the guests who came to our special class worship on Wednesday. The children remembered all of their lines and performed brilliantly. Well done Year One! 

We are continuing our learning about baptism this half term. We started by discussing the groups we belong to and the people we follow who set a good example. We will also learn about Jatakarma which is the Hindu celebration of a birth of a new baby. 

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together