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September 2018


Look at the bug hotel we have created for Bertie Beetle and his friends. 

This week we have been finding out which minibeasts live in our outdoor area. This sparked fantastic question ideas from the children, such as do butterflies have tongues? We then set out to build them a new home. Everyone worked hard to help. 
Outdoor learning is so much fun that we have also had outdoor phonics, bike riding, sports day, an outdoor prayer day, den building, a visit from the wildwood team, an inflatable assault course and we have even been using our maths skills when counting and recording minibeasts on the school field. 

The Mystery Egg

A mystery egg appeared in our classroom with a note from its owner asking the children to look after it while she was away. The children had to investigate who could have left the egg and what could be inside it. The children also had to decide the best way to look after it.

After a while the egg began to crack, until finally it hatched!

It turns out the egg belonged to a dinosaur who finally came back for her egg which prompted the children to produce some amazing writing and maths work. 


We have had lots of fun learning through the story of Goldilocks. 

First we explored and made porridge before tasting it. It was yummy!

Next we made a new chair for baby bear.

After that we built a bed for Goldilocks to sleep in before visiting a building site and looking at how houses are made. 

Finally we have made a waterproof shelter for Goldilocks to sleep in after she ran off into the forest. 



Spring Term

We have been learning all about traditional tales. We have had fun in our classroom castle dressing up and retelling stories. We have also been busy learning all of our letters, making words, reading words and writing sentences. keep looking out for new sounds in your sound books. 

We have been learning all of our numbers and started looking a addition and subtraction. We have used money and made patterns and looked for them around the classroom. 

Welcome to Reception! 

We have had 3 lovely pre-school afternoons where we have had chance to meet you all and have fun together. 

We are excited to see you in your school uniforms in September, where your school adventure begins. 

Keep looking at the website, as in September we will be adding pictures of you in your new classroom taking part in exciting lessons and experiencing new things. 


Our First Week!

Exploring Our New School

This week we have all made lots of new friends and settled into our new classroom really well. We have also had lots of fun exploring what we could find and see around our new school.  

Year 5 have been helping us to learn our skills in PE lessons. They have created games to help us with our throwing, catching and balancing skills. It has been very fun!