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Special events

Christmas Lunch in Year 5

Finding out about the Qur'an

On Thursday 29th November, Year 5 had a visit from Zahid Dudhia. He came to tell us how Muslims use the Qur'an. We have been studying the Bible and learning how Christians use it in their everyday lives. We wanted to compare our findings with another faith and Zahid kindly came in to class to talk to us. He was impressed by our sensible questions.

Emelia said, "He looked really interested in our questions and answered them honestly."

Amy said, "He told us a lot about the Qur'an and how he uses it and how important it is to him."

Special Interest Week - We are reading

Year 5 made this PowerPoint presentation about our activities in We are reading week. We used it to tell the whole school about the things we had done and learned.

Mad Scientist Visit 18th September

14th September - Marble jar treat - Tiddlewinks