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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together

Special Interest Weeks

Autumn Term


This term's Special Interest Week is all about newspapers. The whole school will be creating a newspaper to sell and hopefully make profit to give to charity.


Year 1 will be making two pages all about the local area. We will use our work from our walk around Bamber Bridge to explain what we saw and found out and how the village has changed over the years. 

Year One's newspaper pages

Spring Term


This term's Special Interest Week is all about Careers. Year 1 have focused on people who help us in the emergency services. We have had visits from a paramedic and firemen who told us the skills needed for their jobs. The children thought of some fantastic questions to ask them.


We have learnt about special uniforms and have labelled them to show how important they are. At the end of the week the children were invited to dress up as if they were going to work. They came dressed in some wonderful costumes. The children wrote riddles with clues to see if people could guess what they were describing.

Paramedic visit

Martin came to visit us to tell us all about his job as a paramedic. He explained how he needs to be brave when he is making people feel better. He showed the children some basic first aid skills such as putting on a sling. At the end of the visit he let the children explore the ambulance to look at the machines he uses to help people. The children even got to sit in the drivers seat and switch on the sirens and lights!


After Martin's visit the children had lots of fun in the roleplay area acting as paramedics, doctors and nurses. They used real stethoscopes to listen to each others heartbeats. We also used some special soap to show the germs on our hands and discussed the importance of washing our hands carefully to keep us healthy.

Firefighter visit

On Tuesday we had a special visit from some firemen from Bamber Bridge fire station. They told us all about their job and the skills they need. Firefighter Jamie explained how we can stay safe in a fire and Firefighter Trev showed us all of the equipment he needs to wear when he goes into a building that is on fire.


In class we looked more closely at a firefighters uniform and wrote descriptions about each piece of equipment. The children dressed up in the roleplay area and used hoses to spray numbers on flames to practise their recognition.

On Wednesday there was a crime scene in the classroom! The children acted in role as police officers to explore the evidence. What crimes had been committed? What evidence did they find?


The children worked hard to solve the case and discovered that an ugly giant had followed Jasper down the beanstalk and had chopped it down using an axe. The children used some fantastic descriptions when they wrote their police reports.

On Thursday we found out all about dentists and healthy eating. Unfortunately due to the stormy and snowy weather our visit to Morrisons was cancelled, however, we still had lots of fun in the classroom!


The children explored the roleplay area and acted as dentists. We discussed how we can keep our teeth healthy by brushing them twice a day. Each child took home a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. In English the children wrote instructions about brushing teeth and used some fantastic bossy words. We also looked at healthy lunchboxes.

On Friday the children were given the opportunity to come to school dressed for work. Their outfits were brilliant! In assembly we shared with the rest of the school what we had been learning about this week.

Summer Term


The topic for this term's Special Interest Week is 'Outdoor & Adventure'. Year 1 have had a fantastic week! We have participated in lots of fun activities and we are very excited for our trip next Monday to Haigh Hall Woodland Park with Reception and Year 2. 


On Monday the children used their knowledge of positional and directional language to go orienteering in the school grounds. They followed a simple map to find hidden flags. Each flag had a number and a letter with the letters spelling out the name of our school!

On Tuesday Year 1 and 2 worked together in various outdoor activities to develop their team-building skills. These activities included orienteering, obstacle courses, competitive games and races, garden games and using the balance and pedal bikes. We had a great morning!

On Wednesday all of the children had a go on the inflatable assault course. Two children raced each other from the start to the finish. It was great fun!


In the afternoon we participated in the Dance from the Heart roadshow. Alfie wore his winning t-shirt design of 'Mary Poppins' to perform the routine. Later on, he and Lily presented our theatre memory box to Sharn from South Ribble Sports Development and the Mayor.

On Thursday the children got to try archery for the first time. Some of them even got a bullseye!

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together