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Bring Yer Wellies - April 2018

On Wednesday 12th April, we went to Bring Yer Wellies. We are learning about Romans this term and were going to be archaeologists for the day. We had to wear safety clothes before going to do our dig. We had to scrape across the sand with lolly sticks to find artefacts in the sand. We found pottery and coins. When we found something interesting we had to brush the sand off gently and take it inside to draw and research the item.

We had a fabulous time and learned lots of new things.

Klaudia and Ethan D

Mr Poole's Forceful Visit!

Mr Poole's Forceful Visit! 1
Mr Poole's Forceful Visit! 2
Mr Poole's Forceful Visit! 3
Mr Poole came to visit us and show us his model aeroplane. We have been learning about forces, so he showed us how his aeroplane works and how forces work inside the plane, as well as helping it to fly!

Ask Andrew!

Ask Andrew! 1

In our Autumn Term RE, we were finding out about stories in the Bible where God has asked someone to do something. We then discussed that God doesn't only talk to people in Bible stories, but in our modern world, too.


Andrew came to talk to us about what it feels like to if you feel you have been spoken to by God.  Andrew showed us his nursing uniform, then spoke with us about what it was like when he felt God wanted him to become a Methodist minister. We asked him lots of questions and he asked us some questions, too!

Our First KS2 Worship

Our First KS2 Worship 1
Our First KS2 Worship 2