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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Spring 1


Odd and Even numbers


This week we have been learning all about odd and even numbers. The children have been busy sorting numbers and used their two times tables to help them remember a pattern. 

Place Value


We have started looking at the place value of different numbers up to 100 and beyond. The children have learnt all about tens and units and have used base 10 to help them. 

Doubling and Halving


We have been busy learning songs and actions to help us remember doubling facts. Over the next few weeks the children will be using lots of different Maths equipment to help them work out doubles and halves. Some children will be making ladybird doubles biscuits and other groups will be working in our roleplay area to double and halve pet food!

Numbers to 100


This week we have been looking at a hundred square and practising counting forwards, backwards and from any given number. The children have revised the place value of different numbers.

Spring 2




The children will be learning the different vocabulary used to describe subtraction, using objects and visuals to take away, and counting back using a number line.



During Special Interest Week the children learnt all about getting paid when having a job. We have looked at British coins and the children can now recognise them all. We have also practised adding small amounts of coins together to make a total.



This week the children are learning all about weighing objects. They will be using balance scales to find out which objects are heavier and lighter. We will also use non-standard units to measure different objects from around the classroom.

At the end of the week we used the scales to make a cake! The children were very excited about this.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together