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Spring 1


This half term our Science topic is 'Animals'. The children will be learning all about

different animal groups and the foods that they eat. 

We have looked at the body parts of our favourite animals and the colour, texture and pattern of their skin. The children have compared the body parts of two different animals.

The children have learnt about the body parts of minibeasts and went on a minibeast hunt in the school grounds. In Continuous Provision the children have had the opportunity to explore minibeast vision. They used special bug viewers to investigate how a minibeast can see. Next half term we will be working with Reception class to build a bug hotel in the outdoor area!
In March we will be visiting Blackpool Zoo to learn about animals and their habitats. The children will be participating in a workshop to learn all about hot and cold habitats around the world. The children have helped make different animal habitats in the small world area in preparation for our trip.

Spring 2


During this half term we will be learning all about plants. We will begin by identifying the parts of plants and the jobs that they do. The children will learn about what plants need to be able to grow. They will also be following instructions to plant sunflower and cress seeds. They are very excited to be gardeners!


Today the children used magnifying glasses to explore daffodils. We have learnt all the different names for parts of a plant and the special jobs that they do.

Planting sunflower & cress seeds

Today the children followed a set of instructions to plant sunflower and cress seeds. We will keep them on the windowsill in the classroom so that they get light and we will water them everyday. The children will be observing the changes as they grow.