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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Summer 1


This half term we will using the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' in our English lessons. We will be writing recounts, postcards and instructions. 


This story is all about a lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling who lives in a white cottage by the sea with his wife Mrs Grinling and their pet cat, Hamish. Every morning Mr Grinling rows across the sea in his boat to clean his lighthouse. Mrs Grinling sends him a delicious lunch in a basket on a zip wire. Unfortunately, three pesky seagulls steal Mr Grinling's lunch everyday so he has to come up with a plan...

Week 1 

This week we have explored the text in lots of different ways including roleplay and Talk 4 Writing. At the end of the week the children retold the story in their own words.

Week 2 

Year One had a very special delivery of a postcard from Mrs Grinling this week. She needed the children's help to design a new lunch for Mr Grinling's birthday to cheer him up after the seagulls had stolen his lunch. The children wrote shopping lists, used adjectives in their writing and even made Mr Grinling a birthday card. 

Week 3 

This week the children have been writing in role as characters from the story to write a diary. We have explored diaries and identified the features of them. The children then chose a day from the story and wrote a diary entry in role as either Mr or Mrs Grinling. 

Week 4 

This week the children received a postcard from Mr and Mrs Grinling asking for their help to design a new, disgusting sandwich to keep the seagulls away from the seaside town where they live. Apparently, the seagulls have been stealing lunches from lollypop men, police ladies and shop keepers! 


We started the week by reading and identifying the features of instructions. The children then read lots of different recipes and made a list of disgusting sandwich fillings. For their Big Write they made a fantastic sandwich instruction booklet. Well done Year One - you have worked very hard this week!

Weeks 5 & 6

The children have been very busy over the last few weeks. They have read different versions of the story and made changes to our T4W story map so that they can write their own stories to include different characters and animals.


The children have written little parts of their stories each day and made stick puppets of eac h character. On Friday afternoon they visited Reception class to read their stories to the children. Take a look at their fabulous writing below...

Week 7 

This week we had a 'Big Writing Mission' from Cat and Tiger to find out all about rock pools. The children made lists of exciting things to do at the seaside, researched and read about rock pools and the sea creatures that live inside them and for their Big Write made an information booklet all about their chosen creature.

Summer 2


We started this half term off by playing lots of different games ready for the Phonics Screening Test next week. The children had lots of fun working together to join in with games and activities both indoors and outdoors. Super work Year 1!

This half term our topic is Pirates. We started off by researching pirates using the Internet and non-fiction books to find out information.

When we came into class on Monday there was a message in a bottle surrounded by sand a treasure. It was from Pirate Tom who had sent us a story about his life! We learnt the story using actions and retold the story by writing it in our own words. 
This week the children have changed parts of the story such as the pirate and island name.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together