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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Summer 1

During the first few weeks back after the Easter holidays we have continued to look at multiplication. The children have learnt how to use arrays to multiply and also practised their times tables. We have also looked at division where the children have shared objects to divide.

This week in Maths we have looked at fractions. We have revisited finding wholes, halves and quarters of objects and shapes. Following on from their division work the children then looked at finding halves and quarters of quantities. They have done this practically by 'making' pizzas and using counters as different pizza toppings. Everyone has worked very hard - well done, Year One! 
Over the last few weeks we have revisiting 2D and 3D shape. The children have explored the school grounds on shape hunts and have been recognising shapes by name and their properties.
The children have been learning all about data. They have used their knowledge of the 5 times tables to count tallies in groups of 5. The children have collected their own data about everyone's favourite ice cream flavours, farm animals, puddings, sandwich fillings and drinks. They have then put this data into pictograms and bar graphs. 
The children have had a fantastic time exploring capacity and volume this week. We took full advantage of the sunny weather and worked in the outdoor area with Reception class. The children enjoyed using standard and non-standard units to fill different containers and discuss the capacities of each.

Summer 2


We started the half term by revisiting positional and directional language. The children helped Pirate Tom find the missing objects from his ship. In Special Interest Week we went orienteering in the school grounds and the children made their own treasure maps. They wrote instructions on how to find the treasure using the language they had learnt including left, right and turn.  

We have revisited place value in this Maths this week. The children have been identifying the place value of numbers up to 100 and beyond.


For 'Share A Story Day' we made pirate games to link to our English topic. The children worked with a partner to either make a board game or a pirate version of snakes and ladders such as 'swords and planks'. On Tuesday afternoon the children played their games with Reception class. They did such a good job explaining the rules and giving the younger instructions on how to play.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together