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Week commencing 06.07.20

Hello Year 6,


Thank you for all of  the replies about the socially distanced afternoon on Wednesday 15th July.    We are looking forward to seeing lots of you again for a fun send off.  We have our fingers crossed that we will have some nice weather for it!   If you have not yet sent a reply , please look out for an email from school, which was sent out last week.


This week, we have set some more learning challenges to do with The Maya.  We would love to see any work that you have done about this ancient civilisation!


Have a lovely week!


The Year 6 Team




The Maya

We have set a range of tasks, which cover history, art and DT.  Choose the ones that you are interested in. 

TASK 1 – The Maya are responsible for lots of amazing discoveries and inventions. Start by watching this video about some of their achievements.

TASK 2 – Read booklet 1.  It will tell you more about the impressive accomplishments of the Maya. Look at each one and then decide which you think is the most impressive. Which do you think was the most important and why? See if your family agree with you!

TASK 3 –Look at each of the mysterious Mayan objects in booklet 2 . See if you can figure out what they are before looking at the answers. Now, using only a pencil, draw one of the objects. See if you can shade it like these examples.

TASK 4 – In the modern world, we have a well-established number system. We know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide easily! In school, we have also learned that the Romans had a number system. Did you know that, long before the Romans were around, the Maya had their own number system too! Read booklet  3 about the way the Maya counted and wrote down numbers.

TASK 5 – See if you can understand Maya numbers. There are three sheets to choose from. (The answers are included!)

To get started, choose sheet 1.

If you want to try slightly higher numbers, choose sheet 2.

If you really want a challenge, try sheet 3.

TASK 6 –  Learn about Mayan writing. They didn’t use letters and the alphabet that we use. They had a completely different way of writing. Start by reading booklet 4 and answering the questions at the end.

Now read booklet 5 to find out some more about Maya writing.

TASK 7 – Use what you have learned to write your name using Mayan writing! Use the Maya alphabet poster to  help you see the different shapes you will need. If you need a sound that isn’t on the poster, you can make it up instead.

TASK 8 – The Maya used their writing to record key events in their history. We are living in an interesting period right now! Make a time capsule that you can open in the future to remember what life was like during this lockdown. You could make it as simple or as detailed as you like. You could write a letter to your future self or a diary entry. Or, if you really want to make it detailed, you could take ideas from the lockdown sheet.

TASK 9 – One of the Maya’s greatest achievements was the creation of a calendar. Historians learned a lot more about this when they discovered something called the Sun Stone! Read about it in booklet 6.

To find out more about the Maya calendar, watch this short video that explains how it worked.

TASK 10 – Art – draw your own sun stone. You could do this on a piece of paper or even try painting a stone from your garden. A picture of your design could make an impressive page in your research project! Use these ideas for inspiration.

Reflective Activity