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Week commencing 29.06.20

Hello Year 6 Families,


It has been lovely to speak to some of you at home and to also welcome some of you back into school.  We will continue to make some calls this week to see how everyone is.  Please remember that we can always be contacted by email at


This week, if the weather is dry, we would like all of you to take part in a virtual sports day.  Miss Chapman has organised certificates for everybody who takes part so please send us your photos and scores.  Good luck!  See the link below to find out all about it.


On Wednesday 1st July at 10am, the Blackburn Diocese are having a virtual leavers' service on YouTube.  The theme is hope.  See the link below.  


A special event is happening this week.  This weekend marks the 72nd birthday of the NHS and events will be taking place nationwide, including a massive Clap for Carers on Sunday, so please wear blue to say thank you and make some noise. Please watch out for local news events on this and show your appreciation. 


For the last few weeks,  the topic work will be all about The Maya.  This will include some art, DT and history.


Meet The Maya


In the jungles and hills of Central America, lie the ruins of a society that has fascinated historians for decades – the Maya.  By around AD900, the Maya were an astonishingly advanced society with their own ways of doing everything from farming to maths.


Fascinating facts


Geniuses in the jungle


The Maya were a very advanced bunch who built a successful society.  They were experts in architecture and maths, and invented their own calendars, sports, writing systems, farming methods and religion.  Pretty impressive, right?


Find out more about the Mayans - by clicking on the links below.

Be creative and show what you have learnt.




The Mayan civilization has been in the news recently for new areas being uncovered. The link below shows a news article about a 3000 year old ceremony complex being discovered.

Lancashire's Personal Best - A Virtual Sports Day