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Were the induction booklets useful?

Were the induction booklets useful?


On Wednesday 18th October, the school council discussed the induction booklets that were given out in the summer term. We wanted to know if they were useful, if we should give them out again and if they could be improved. These are some of the comments that were made.


It helped us to learn how Year 1 was different to Year R.


We could take it home and talk about it with our mummies, daddies and carers.


We found out about the topics we were going to do so we could find out about them in the holidays.


We learned about the new whole school responsibilities in Year 5.


It was useful to learn about how we do Big Write in Year 4.


It told us about how routines change in Year 3 when we move up to KS2.


We learned about what behaviour is expected in our new class.


There were also some suggestions for improvements. It was felt that all the booklets should explain what topics are coming up in the next class. Another idea was that there could be an activity to complete in the holidays. Some of our infant councillors wanted more details about outdoor learning.


Finally, all the classes said they were very useful and that we should continue to give them out every summer.


All the school councillors were able to attend the meeting and it was lovely to have Mrs Smith, our representative on the governors, at the meeting also. The school council also decided to sell the newspapers from special interest week for £1 each to raise money for charitiy.