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A new home for Ruth

On Wednesday 31st October, we told KS2 the story of Ruth and linked it to our Christian values of compassion.


Our story is a real example of compassion at work. Pity just feels sorry but compassion does something about it.

Ruth showed compassion for Naomi. She left her own land and people to support and care for her. She promised to never leave her.

Ruth gave up a lot for Naomi. It made us think about how Jesus gave up a lot to come and save us. He showed His compassion for His people by leaving Heaven to live as one of us and even to die for us.

He has also promised to never leave us and He never will.

I can see!

On 12th September, we told the school about how Jesus healed the blind man. 

In our story, we noticed how Jesus showed generosity. He was always ready to spend time with people who needed Him. He never saw it as a waste of time. Every single one of us is special and important to Him.


The religious leaders did not show generosity. They thought that their rules were more important than the poor blind man. The rules they had made up made them feel superior to everyone else, including Jesus.


Jesus never broke any of God’s rules. No - not even one. However, He did break the silly rules made up by the religious leaders.