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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Our Summer Term topic will be Under the Sea

See our topic map below to see what we'll be learning.

Summer Term Learning Map

Last week was Career Week in school. During the week, we had many opportunities to talk to people about their jobs. We met fire-fighters, architects, shop workers, paramedics, pharmacists, postmen and a butcher, as well as others. We thought of a list of questions for each job. We went on a walk through Bamber Bridge stopping off at shops to find out about local businesses. Back in class, we were set a range of challenges to go with each of the visits. For example, we had a construction role play area and we had to make aerial plans of building, measure out buildings and use tools for building. On the final day, all the children came dressed ready for the world of work. Thank you to all of the people who volunteered to speak to the class!

Cave of Wonders Role Play

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 5



This term in maths we have focused on place value and the operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Take a look at how we've been using tens and units in class.


To help further with this at home you could:

  • learn 2, 5 and 10 times table facts. Learn them by rote and then the calculation 2 x 5 =, 6 x 10 =. Once they've learned that, use the related division facts 60 divided by 10, 35 divided by 5.
  • Use tens and units drawings (ask your children to show you or look at our pictures below) to calculate.
  • Use the place value games on Top Marks and ICT games online.


Maths 1
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Maths 13
We have been doing lots of wonderful things in class as part of our Aladdin topic. We have made New Year wishes and magic lamps. We have been weaving magic carpets and making magic maths carpets. The children have been writing about the cave of wonders and trying to use adjectives to add description to their writing. This week the children have started to use the Cave of Wonder role play area and Aladdin's Palace reading area.

Remembrance Assembly


Thank you for all the support for our special worship. It was lovely to see so many people there and I'm sure you'll agree that the children did a fabulous job leading a service about such a difficult topic. The children sang, read, performed and acted brilliantly and we are all very proud.



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Autumn term's special interest week is all about newspapers. The whole school will be producing a school newspaper to sell and hopefully make a profit on for charity. Year's 2 will be creating 2 pages for the paper all linked around food. During the week, we have been learning to interview, looking at features of newspapers, looked at healthy breakfasts and reported on this in Science, interviewed the school cook and will attend the Cuerden Café in the hope of advertising their next event. We will also be writing a recipe to go in the paper.

Newspaper Week

Newspaper Week 1
Newspaper Week 2
Newspaper Week 3
Newspaper Week 4
Newspaper Week 5
Newspaper Week 6
Newspaper Week 7
Newspaper Week 8
Newspaper Week 9

September Pictures

September Pictures 1
September Pictures 2
September Pictures 3
September Pictures 4
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September Pictures 11

Our Wonderland Themed Classroom

Our Wonderland Themed Classroom 1
Our Wonderland Themed Classroom 2
Our Wonderland Themed Classroom 3
Our Wonderland Themed Classroom 4
Our Wonderland Themed Classroom 5

Reading in Year 2

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