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Year 5

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Find out about life in Year 5 from our induction booklet.

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This term Year 5 will be studying ancient Egypt in history. We will discover how historians learn about people who lived so long ago. The topics covered will include everyday life, the Nile, gods, mummification and hieroglyphics. In science, we will learn about the Earth and space. In March, we will visit Liverpool World Museum to find out more about both of these topics.

In English, we will be writing discussion texts and later we will find out about Shakespeare’s plays, looking in detail at Macbeth. The R.E. topic for the first half of the term is Daniel, which will help us to learn about faith. Later, we will explore Easter and victory. The topic of ancient Egypt inspires lots of interesting art projects and we will be making cartouches amongst other things.

In PE, we will cover dance with Sports Development and later, striking and fielding skills with PNE.

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