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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Take a look at what life was like in Year 3 last year to see what kinds of experiences you will have this year!






It will be a busy time in Year 3 for the Spring Term with lots of interesting topic work to look forward to. We will have novels as themes, including an author study about one of the greatest storytellers, Hans Christian Andersen. In science, we will be exploring forces and finding out how we use forces (including magnetism) in our everyday lives, before moving on to study plants later in the term.

We will be beginning to learn more about Europe in geography, including looking at maps and atlases to find out where places are, and we will be starting to learn the French language. Later in the term, we will be using historical enquiry skills to find out more about what archaeologists do, before looking at how our previous topic about pre-history links to the Roman Invasion of Britain.

In RE, we will be thinking about what we can learn from the stories of Jesus to make our world a better place to live in. We will also be reflecting on what we can do for this as we move towards that most special time of the Christian calendar, Easter.


This term we will focus on settling into the Junior Department and reinforcing learning from KS1.  During the first half term, we will be exploring God's world and all His wonderful gifts that we can be thankful for, especially in the natural environment. Our science topics will include finding out more about our bodies with skeletons and muscles, before discovering more about materials and especially rocks, which will lead us to our theme of pre-history later in the term. In RE, we will be finding out how people are called to do something by God and exploring how Christmas relates to God's presence on Earth.