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Special Events

The Infant Nativity Bethlehem Star 2017

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Key Stage 2 Party

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The Bamber Bridge Walking Nativity

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The Christmas Cracker

On Thursday 7th December, each class performed to a packed school hall. The classes picked a Christmas hit to sing and the show was closed by the choir with a great rendition of Slade's Christmas hit.  The children looked wonderful in their Christmas themed costumes. Thank you to all that attended and helped at the event.

Methodist Art Exhibition

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The Worship Group represented the school admirably. The confident singing and synchronized actions were seamless.

Pudsey Bear Visit

Pudsey Bear Visit 1
Pudsey Bear Visit 2
Pudsey Bear Visit 3
Pudsey Bear Visit 4
Pudsey Bear Visit 5
Pudsey Bear Visit 6
Newspaper Special Interest Week
Year 2 created pages about food for the school newspaper and also pages about remembrance and poppies. As part of the week, we learned how to interview and edit articles. We looked at breakfasts and how to find out if your breakfast is healthy. We did some research linked to this to help write our article. We played with layouts and headlines to make sure that our page was eye-catching.

Year 2 Newspaper Week

The Bamber Bullet- Created by a Year 4 child in NEWSPAPER WEEK October 2017

Newspaper Week Year 4 reported on their trip to Bamber bridge Railway Station

Year One


Year 1 made two pages for the newspaper about the local area. We used our work from our walk around Bamber Bridge to explain what we saw and found out and how the village has changed over the years. 

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In Newspapers Special Interest Week, Year 5 looked at newspaper advertising. We had already been studying persuasive writing in English so first we looked at how persuasive techniques could be adapted to adverts.

Next, we made a poster to advertise the Christmas Cracker concert all together and learned lots of ways to use IT to make our posters attractive and eye-catching. This joint effort was to go in the school newspaper. After that, we had a go at making our own adverts.

Once we had mastered the techniques, we all made a poster to advertise the infant nativity called The Bethlehem Star. Mrs Taylor chose her favourite to put in the paper. Charlie was picked. Well done, Charlie!

We also watched a video that showed us how newspapers are made today, largely using computers, and then another video that showed us how they did it before computers. We discussed the differences, advantages and disadvantages.

We made some silhouette pictures using newspaper too.

Awards assembly

Key Stage 2 Production: The Pirates of the Curry Bean


On Monday 10th July Key Stage 2 performed The Pirates of the Curry Bean to a nursery class and to Key Stage 1.  The children sang beautifully and acted brilliantly.  Year 6 learnt a lot of lines especially Pearl.  Here are some photographs from this year's show.  On Tuesday 11th July at 1:30 pm and at 6pm on Wednesday 12th July the children performed again for their parents.  Well done to all the children as they made it a wonderful production to watch.


Key Stage 2 Retreat Day 21st June, Theme: Follow Me children were challenged and reflected on their own life choices.

Sports Day 24th May 2017
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Junior Chefs' Academy

The focus for our Special Interest week in May was Design Technology.  During the week, we enjoyed food technology with the Junior Chefs' Academy whilst finding out about fruit from around the world.  All classes had a go at chopping, slicing and dicing and made a fabulous Tropical Fruit Crunch to take home!

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Magic of the Musicals Week

Musicals Extravaganza


To celebrate the wonderful work done during the special interest week, each class performed a chosen song from their musical. We were treated to wonderful costumes, accessories, dance, drama and music during the show.

Magical Musical Movie

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Year 1

Year 1 have looked at the musical 'The Lion King' to link with their learning on animals. The children wrote recipes for a Minibeast Cafe, learnt about and coloured in Tinga Tinga art and designed and made masks for our performance of 'I Just Can't Wait to Be King' in the Musical Extravaganza. You can see some photographs from the week on our class page. 


Year 2


In our class we learned about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We did lots of fun activities such as creating our own chocolate bars which we designed wrappers and slogans for, creating lickable wallpaper and learning the song Pure Imagination from the musical. We created a dance to represent the chocolate waterfall and river. Some children played chime bars and glockenspiels to accompany our singing. We ended the week by performing to the rest of the school in a 'Magic of the Musicals' extravaganza! You can see more of what we got up to during the week on our class webpage.



World Book Day 2017
We had a wonderful World Book Day! As part of the celebrations, each class decorated a door in a book theme. You can see the pictures below. The whole school took part in a writing project, started by Reception and completed by Year 6. Below you can read the whole school story, ' Lucy and the Polar Bears'. Also, the children enjoyed a Harry Potter themed lunch complete with the great hall projected on the wall and music from the film.

Lucy and the Polar Bears

World Book Day 2017

Key Stage 2 Christmas Party 2016

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Infant Nativity 2016

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Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust 1
Dogs Trust 2
Dogs Trust 3
Dogs Trust 4
Dogs Trust 5
Dogs Trust 6
A few weeks back each class was given £20. The children had to think of ways to turn this in to a profit. As part of 'Enterprise Week' we held a democratic vote to decide on a charity to donate to. The charity with the majority vote was the Dogs Trust and so we invited the charity in to receive the cheque. The Year 2 councillors presented the charity with a cheque for £260.
On the 8th December we held our 'Coffee and Carols' event. Each class and the choir performed a carol for family, friends and governors. The children sang beautifully in front of a packed school hall. Thank you for all your support!

Special Interest Week-   Enterprise Fair in October 2016

As part of our work towards the  'Investors in Pupils' award, the school held a special interest week based on enterprise.  The classes were each given £20 and were challenged to use this to make more money to give to charity.

There were lots of imaginative ideas and the children spent the week designing and making items to sell at a special fair.  There were also games to play and food to try out!  In English lesson, children wrote persuasive leaflets, advertisements, labels and packaging and Maths lessons, there was lots of planning to ensure costs could be met and profits could be made.

During the week, there were presentations about different charities from various classes and al the pupils voted for their favourite.  We were astounded by the amount of money raised and delighted to send a profit of over £250 to the 'Dogs Trust.'

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10th Anniversary of the Building

10th Anniversary of the Building 1
10th Anniversary of the Building 2
10th Anniversary of the Building 3
10th Anniversary of the Building 4
10th Anniversary of the Building 5
10th Anniversary of the Building 6
10th Anniversary of the Building 7
10th Anniversary of the Building 8