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During this half term leading up to Ascension and Pentecost, our Christian value will be friendship.

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Our Worship this Term

For the first half of the spring term our Christian value is friendship. In the weeks leading up to Ascension and Pentecost, our Christian value is respect.

We will be thinking about St George's Day during this term on 23rd April. We will learn about the Ascension when Jesus returned to His Father in Heaven, remembering especially on 30th May - Ascension Day. After half term we will learn about Pentecost when God sent His promised gift of the Holy Spirit.

During this term, Year R will present their special class worship and Year 1 will do the same nearer the half term holiday. They will tell us more about what they have been learning, and parents and friends will be invited along to join in the worship. Afterwards, children, teachers and visitors will enjoy refreshments together.

Right at the end of this term, Y6 will present their Leavers' Worship which will give us a chance to look back at happy memories and forward to new beginnings.



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The Lord's Prayer in sign language.

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Our School Prayer

Christ Jesus

Unite us in our school

Encourage us to

Really do our best

Dare us to be different in

Every way

Never leave our side.


Christ Jesus

Help us to learn and

Understand about you

Rejoicing we say

Come and be with us in our

Hearts today.

Our Prayer Walk

Our Prayer Walk 1 Please
Our Prayer Walk 2 Praise
Our Prayer Walk 3 Sorry
Our Prayer Walk 4 Thanks

In the Summer of 2013, we built a Prayer Walk for our field pathway that helps us to remember why and how we should pray.

Every child made sketches of their ideas then Jeff from Eco-arts used them to design and construct the wooden sculptures. We can see some of our ideas in the sculptures.

Each sculpture has a different theme - praise and saying sorry, please and thank you to God.  To celebrate its installation, the whole school walked round the Prayer Walk together. The older children helped the little ones to look and pray.

We use the Prayer Walk in whole school and class worship and in R.E. lessons.

Do you have any ideas how we could use our Prayer Walk in the future?

One idea that has come up already is to leave poppies there on Remembrance Day next year.