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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


School governors are volunteers who work together with the headteacher and the local authority to improve education and other outcomes for all pupils.


You could become a school governor if you are aged 18 or over and:


  • Want to make a positive difference to the education of local children
  • Can get on with other people and work as part of a team
  • Have some time to spare to attend meetings and to read necessary papers
  • Are ready to learn and open to new ideas
  • Are willing to put something into your local community

You don't need any formal qualifications, you'll get full training and support to make sure you are fully equipped to carry out the role successfully.


If you would like to be a school governor, or are interested in finding out more, contact Lancashire County Council  on 01257 516147 or email




Chair of Governors:

Mr David Evans ( Methodist Foundation Governor)

Vice-Chair of Governors:

Mrs Ruth Smith ( Local Authority Governor)

St. Saviour’s Foundation Governors:

Mrs Susan Fillingham

Mr David Pearson

Ex - Officio - vacant

Methodist Foundation Governors:

Mr Martin Roscoe

Mrs Hazel Sumner

Mr David Evans

Rev. Dr. Kevin Savage

Parent Governors:

Mrs Jenny Sutton

Mrs Fiona Shone

LCC Governor:

Mrs Ruth Smith


Mrs Nicola Sherry


Mrs Lorraine Collinson

Mrs Amanda Barker


Mrs Sharon Howarth


Committee Membership and Nominated Governors

Class Governors

YR: Mr Graham Poole

Y1: Mrs H Sumner

Y2: Mrs Susan Fillingham

Y3: Mrs F Shone

Y4: Mr D Pearson

Y5: Rev. Graham Halsall

Y6: Mrs Ruth Smith 

Standards and Pupil Welfare

Mr David Evans                                  

Mrs Susan Fillingham                        

Mrs Nicola Sherry

Mrs Ruth Smith

Mrs Hazel Sumner (Chair)

Mrs Sara Taylor

Mrs Fiona Shone


Mrs L Collinson

Mr David Evans 

Mr David Pearson

Mr Martin Roscoe

Mrs Nicola Sherry

Mrs Ruth Smith

Mrs Hazel Sumner


Mr David Evans

Mrs Susan Fillingham

Mrs Nicola Sherry


Pay Appeals

Mr David Evans

Mrs Ruth Smith


Pay Committee

Mr David Pearson

Mr Graham Poole

Mrs Hazel Sumner

Performance Management

Mr David Evans
Mrs Ruth Smith

Nominated Governors

Link: Mrs Fiona Shone

RE and Worship: Rev. Dr. Kevin Savage


Maths: Mrs Fiona Shone

English: Mrs Hazel Sumner

Safeguarding & Online Safety: Mrs Hazel Sumner

Pupil Voice: Mrs Ruth Smith

SEND: Mrs Ruth Smith

Able, Gifted and Talented: Rev. Graham Halsall

Pupil Premium: Mr David Evans

PSHE/ Mental Health and Wellbeing: Mrs Jenny Sutton



If you need to contact a member of the Governing Body, please either phone the school office or write to the governor c/o Cuerden Church School.

Attendance 18/19

Governor attendance 2019-20

Governors Register of Interest 2019 - 20


Financial information


In order to be compliant with financial reporting requirements, the governors must publish information regarding any employees with a gross annual salary above £100,000. There are no employees at Cuerden Church school who fall into this group.


Additionally please find below a link to the relevant page of the School Financial Benchmarking website:

As well as attending regular Governing Body Meetings each term, our Governors are very much 'hands on' in school!  They support reading, attend worship, accompany educational visits and help us in very practical ways!

Governor Training

Graham Halsall brought his new puppy for all the children to see.

Governor: Rev Graham Halsall takes assembly every fortnight. This week he had a special surprise, as children presented him with a thank you for hospitality on a church visit. They had the added bonus for seeing his flock of chickens and having biscuits at the vicarage. He was given a cockerel to accompany his six hens.

Governors support the Homeless Project: children throughout the whole school collected for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

Governors in Action!

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together