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Homework in Year 2


Reading – Reading books will be sent home on Mondays and need to be returned on the Friday. Children should aloud to an adult every day at home to develop fluency. The children have a homework diary which needs to be signed. It would also be lovely to hear about what the children are reading for pleasure at home, so please feel free to add this into their diary!


Spellings – The children receive new spellings on Mondays and these will be in their spelling book, which needs to be returned each Friday. Spelling activities to support this learning will be added to their homework books. This means that the children can practise their spellings during the week before testing on Fridays. The spelling books will be marked so that you can see how well they did when their book is returned.


Maths practice – Number facts to be practised daily. There are games that might be given out to support this learning and also password access to Numbots. Numbots is an excellent tool to develop fluency in maths.


The children have been given a homework book. This contains any passwords or letters relating to homework and can be used to practise spellings or number facts. Please keep checking the class webpage for updates or further information relating to home learning.