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On a journey with Jesus;

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N.E.T School India


N.E.T School India

Cuerden Church School is very proud of their links with the NET Nursery and Primary School in Tamil Nadu, South India.  We enjoy visits from Wendy, Eileen and Ian who regularly visit the school and tell us all about the children who go there.  The current NET School was opened in 2009 and their aim is to bring education to all the school-age children in the area, whatever their social standing, religious background or gender.

We have learned a lot about children in this part of India and have sent photographs, letters and pictures to our friends at the NET school.  The school council have arranged sponsored events to help provide them with playtime equipment and money to help towards the cost of teachers. 

Latest visit to N.E.T. School

In February 2018, Ian, Eileen, Andrew and Sarah visited N.E.T. school to meet staff and children.  They were excited to see that a new storey is being added to the building so that more pupils will be able to attend.  While they were there, they also arranged art activities with the children.  Have a look at their latest pictures!

A Message from the NET School:

Hello dear Principal, staff and all the students, Greetings from Net Matriculation school! today we celebrated our 70th year Independence day. The staff and students participated in the event. This is one of the Joy-full occasions for us. I understand your summer holidays today. We wish you all a very pleasant summer holidays. 


Mrs. G. V. Seline Netto 


& Christopher Vijayan 

Celebrations for the 70th Year Independence day at NET School -Summer 2016

Latest photos from Andrew, Sarah, Ian and Eileen's visit to N.E.T. School

We were very happy to hear all the latest news from our friends in India.  Andrew took the special artwork from Cuerden Church School and presented it to the children at NET School. 

Assembly to share the photographs and gifts from the NET school

25th February 2016-Preparing for a visit to NET School

Today we presented Andrew Webb, Eileen and her husband with artwork, update letters from each class and additional playground resources from Cuerden Church School.  These will be taken to NET School and given to them as another link with Cuerden Church School.  We are looking forward to their return so we can find out more about the developments at NET School.  We have planned additional events to raise money for NET  School.

Fund Raising For Net School

Well done everyone at Cuerden Church School, throughout the year we have managed to raise £368.44 for the NET School in India.  The School Council presented a cheque to Eileen Roberts during a whole school assembly.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together