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Our Sports Council

Sports Council 2019-2020


This year's Sports Council are:

Year 2 - Theo & Ryan

Year 3 - Amelia & Kane

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These children have been chosen to represent the school because they are interested in PE and Sport, are enthusiastic towards their learning and have lots of ideas that they want to share about how to improve PE and Sport at our school. The children will attend regular meetings throughout the year and will involved in organising many events such as Sports Day. 


The first Sports Council meeting

During our first meeting the children discussed their roles and responsibilities. They also wrote a piece for the school newsletter about a recent Sport award that we won. Miss Chapman asked the Councillors to continue to raise awareness about collecting the Aldi stickers so that we have a chance to win some sports equipment and £20,000. 

Sports Council 2018-2019


This years Sports Councillors are:

Year 2 - Lily and Finley

Year 3 - Owen and Passion


These children are enthusiastic, interested in developing sport & PE in school, full of good ideas and also great role models!


The Sports Council will be having regular meetings to discuss PE and Sport at our school. The Councillors make decisions alongside teachers to maintain a positive attitude towards school sport. 

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Achievements so far this year:

  • Attended half termly meetings with Miss Chapman.


  • Playtime organisation - we have helped Mrs Murray and the welfare staff to review playtime organisation. We decided to introduce different playground zones so that everyone has space to play different games. Our zones include space for: football, reading and colouring, bats/scoops & balls and Change 4 Life Club. The playground also has space for skipping, pom-poms, stilts and large balls. We regularly monitor playtimes to make sure the zones are being used and that equipment is being used correctly and safely. 


  • Offered extra-curricular activities to all classes.


  • Organised training for our Year 5 Play Leaders so that they can run their C4L Club.


  • Promote healthy lifestyles.


  • We are also beginning to organise and plan a variety of events for the Summer Term including Outdoor Week, Sports Day with Year 6 & Dance from the Heart.

Sports Council 2017-2018

This year's Sports Council members are:

Year 2 - Libby and Joshua

Year 3 - Olivia and Maxwell


We will hold half termly meetings to discuss our roles and responsibilities including raising the profile of PE and Sport at our school, increasing the range of physical activities available at playtimes and discussing how we can participate in more competitive events.


Our first job of the year was to present the football team with their brand new football kit!

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The Sports Council have helped with a variety of jobs involving sport and PE this year, including:

  • Attending half termly meetings with Miss Chapman to discuss PE and sport at our school.
  • Organising Sports Day.
  • Interviewing Mrs Murray about playtimes to find out what we can do to make them better.
  • Monitoring playtimes and observing which games children play and what areas of the playground are used.
  • Planning and organising the 'Dance from the Heart' t-shirt competition.
  • Booking new and exciting sports for September for all classes.
  • Organising 'Outdoor Week' with Miss Chapman.
  • Working alongside Anthony from South Ribble Sports Development to tidy the PE cupboards and decide what new equipment needs ordering.