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Find out about life in Year 5

Picture 1


This term, our main topic will be ancient Egypt.

What do you already know about Ancient Egypt? Do some research and bring your findings into school. If you find a good website, let us know and we will put a link on this page.

We will be learning about farming and The Nile, pyramids, mummies, gods, hieroglyphics, Howard Carter and tomb paintings.

Our visit to Liverpool World Museum later this half term will help us to learn more as we will be able to handle real ancient Egyptian artefacts.

In art we will look at tomb paintings and catouches and then create some of our own.


In science, we will be looking at forces first and then, next half term, we will study the properties of materials. Jesus, the teacher will be the theme of our R.E. lessons and then later we will explore Easter and victory. The people from Sports Development will come to teach us about football.