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Here are some lovely ideas to think about during Holy Week and coming up to Easter. They were written by a lady called Shahne Vickery and they include some fabulous pictures of the events of Holy Week by an Ethiopian artist called Nebiyu Assefa.

Take a look!

Journey into Easter

Journey into Easter Pictures


Here are some ideas to help you keep learning and keep your brain in tip top condition while you are at home. Try to do a little bit of maths, reading, spelling and writing every day. Don't just do your favourite! You can play an online game or some other activity. It doesn't have to all be written down.


Mymaths - Use your login and find lots of activities to keep your maths skills sharp. I'll add new ones every week.

TTRockstars - Make sure that you know your tables with daily practise. How far up the league table can you get? See this week's top three below.

Purple Mash - You can find lots of interesting activities to do at home for every subject.

Pobble360 - If you love writing stories then this is the site for you. Find a picture, scroll down for story ideas then let your imagination go.

Topmarks - This site has shed loads of activities for lots of different subjects. Just make sure that you are doing something appropriate for your age so you are learning not just playing.


Look out here for a new weekly topic every Thursday!

There will be a weekly theme and ideas for some maths and English but also other activities. Pick out what you fancy and have a go.


Learn how to spell these words and what they mean.

Thursday 26th March - My Family


First place       - AMY with a speed of 1.21 seconds.

Second place  - DREW with a speed of 1.29 seconds.

Third place      - OLIVIA with a speed of 1.31 seconds.

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Find out about life in Year 5

Our School Councillors

Our School Councillors 1
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This term, we will be looking at science fiction stories and non-fiction writing initially in English. Then later in the term our English lessons will be based around the novel ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ by Brian Selznick. Some of our art, D.T. and music will come from these areas. Both of these topics will fit with our work in science on space and then forces.

In maths, we will cover multiplication and division, fractions and, finally, decimals and percentages.

The people from Sports Development will come to teach us about netball.

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In the spring term, we will look at the history of Ancient Egypt. We will find out about the Nile and everyday life, pyramids and mummification, hieroglyphics and gods and we will discover how archaeologists find out about the past.

Our first topic in R.E. is Jesus, the teacher. Of course, later we will be thinking more deeply about Easter, the death of Jesus and why Christians see it as a victory.

We will take a closer look at databases and coding in I.C.T.

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